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So do you just do launches?
At this stage, yes. We’d love to do EVERYTHING, but we want to make sure we have launches down pat before we offer anything else. However, watch this space, because you never know how quickly we’ll master launches and introduce new things 😊
I'm an author, can I come on!?
Right now, our primary focus is to provide authors who had a book launch booked that has been cancelled a way to celebrate the release of their book with the community so that we can support those authors but also the Australian-owned bookstores, stockists and retailers who are being adversely affected by current events, which is why we are only currently working with authors who have physical copies of their books available with Australian retailers. If you had an upcoming launch, get in touch with us, and we’ll see what we can do. Otherwise, we may have some other options further down the track.
Are you all authors?
Yes! You can check out Wai’s work here, the work of Danielle (who is also an agent extraordinaire here, Alice's work here, Anna's work here, and Shivaun's work here. We would all love it if you read our books 😊 The only one of us who isn’t an author is Jin, and he is a website wizard. Check out him here.
Are you guys getting paid for this?
No, this is a passion project for all of us – and something that we’ve found useful to focus on during the Covid-19 lockdowns rather than sitting at home staring at the walls. That being said, if you wanted to do something to thank us, we’d love it if you read (and reviewed) our work!
What can I do to support Aussie authors and Aussie book retailers?
If you’re going to buy a book, make sure that you buy from Australian retailers (so Booktopia is great because it's an Australian company). However, a lot of bricks and mortar retailers are struggling currently, so we strongly recommend you buy from them by contacting them directly. If you’d like to find an Indie Bookshop near you, search via the Australian Booksellers Associations, here. Also, there's a state-by-state list of some booksellers who are offering delivery options here.
What else can I do to be part of the reading/literary community?
The great news is that there are so many great ways to connect with other readers online. Our partner, LoveOzYA is a great place to go to stay in the loop about all things (YA) book-related (you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook). If you’d like to be part of a conversation, we recommend you check out Australia Reads, and connect with other readers via the #AustralianReadsAtHome hashtag.

If you're an author, you could check out the 'Writers Go Forth. Launch. Promote Party' Facebook group, or the 'Australian Arts Amidst COVID-19' Facebook group.
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